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Computer Science Integration School

Grand Mountain School is a PK-8 Computer Science Integration School.  On this website you will find links to specific curriculum standards and resources used at our school. You can also give us suggestions and volunteer your time and talents on the Community Partner page. 

“A school for the mind;

a home for the heart.”

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BW students doing work

"You would never send your child to a school that didn’t teach math. In the 21st century, computer science is as important as biology. Understanding photosynthesis or H2O or electricity is just as foundational as understanding how the internet works or what an algorithm is. These things are impacting our daily lives. We need future lawyers and doctors and politicians to all understand it. We’re not trying to prepare kids for jobs. We’re trying to prepare kids for life." - Hadi Partovi, Founder of


 "Through the integration of computer science innovation, we will learn the value of hard-work, authentic relationships, and becoming productive citizens in our community so we can feel belonging, significance, and engagement.  'A school for the mind; a home for the heart.'"

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